A Letter for Alice

For any young lady in Victorian England, there are many ways to lose one’s place in Society, and being a child bride is not one of them. But allowing a strange man to photograph you in the nude…that is a certain way to flirt with disgrace, as Lorina Liddell discovers to her cost, in a world of golden afternoons and dark desires.It is a world where childhood must end, and all in the sinister shadows of Wonderland

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Victoria es mi Nombre

Una joven fotógrafa hispana que vive en Estados Unidos, en la frontera con Canadá, conoce accidentalmente a un apuesto y adinerado hombre británico, justo en medio de otro de sus ataques de pánico.

El fortuito encuentro se convierte en un romance apasionado, lleno de fino erotismo y deslumbrantes escenas que tienen lugar en Niágara-On-The-Lake.

Entre viñedos y pasiones, sin saberlo, aquel hombre se convirtió en el mejor antídoto para curar los ataques de pánico de aquella chica, de la que se enamoró irremediablemente, y gracias a la cual pudo, finalmente, conjurar fantasmas del pasado que lo habían agobiado por años.

Romance, erotismo y bellos paisajes son los elementos claves de esta historia que la autora ha dedicado a todos aquellos que creen en la magia del amor.

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The Bluestocking

Erotica stories, dealing all with mature and older women and younger men’s passionate love affairs. Their short and burning lovemaking when they fall for each others. Even a woman with few younger men, in occasional lovemaking and one exception while a mature woman with three young men at the same bed doing her odd fantasy.

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An Empty Room

It is a short book about love, but not about that kind of love… about the one which people go into deep feelings. we might call this story: “The first moment of love”, when people come along before any form of relationship. It is about that small fire that warms us inside before our souls start to burn in a flame of love.

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The Arabian

Beware of a woman with a broken heart …!

Scarlett Gleeson is a tough 28 year old cookie, ambitious, sexually confident and determined to leave her unhappy past well and truly behind in Black Oak, Indiana The only remaining link for Scarlett is a snapshot photograph showing two young girls standing in a park.

Scarlett undergoes a dramatic transformation when she hits New York and emerges as Leonora Carrington-Jones working at the salubrious Carlisle hotel, a place synonymous with wealth and power, working for beauty salon owner Madame Durand. It’s 1976 and Leonora has a vision of her being a hair stylist to the stars and lover to one or two British lords or realistically, their more athletically suitable sons.

Hareb bin Aziz al Hareb, a Saudi Prince is a man of considerable substance and the sparks of a passionate love affair are kindled. His stay in New York is for business and once he returns to the Middle East a love-sick but confident Leonora agrees to meet him in Dubai.

But reality and fantasy are poles apart as a disillusioned Leonora becomes enmeshed in a poisonous web of deceit, lies and sexual abuse. How can real love turn so sour, so quickly, transforming dreams of love to ones of morbid despair?

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