New York’s stories and Other ones

New York life stories: Gritty. Failed Expectations. Hope. Misery. Death and Love. Here, inside this book, is an assortment of stories featuring characters you will not soon forget. New York is the greatest city on the east coast, and the host for a populous who seek opportunities. On High Street, you will meet souls who are lost, whose lives represent hope, yet are met with failed expectations that shape their existence. When the characters meet on High Street, their lives will mesh as one, and it is realized that these stories reflect the bitter truth about life: it’s all an uphill battle, yet humanity preservers. This is the season of life.


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Written in Blood

Alexander, son of the Earl of Wobster, was stripped of his title and his position by his cousin Christopher, who also robs Vivian, the woman he loves.

The only evidence of Alexander to regain his title and Vivian is in the blood, but his fate is full of mysteries and lies , which is far from the rightful one.
Written in Blood
Vivian does not understand the difference between the lover who made woman, and the one lying down with her night after night, indifferent to her charms, and who just desired his pleasure. What happens to Christopher..? His behavior becomes increasingly incomprehensible day after day, annoying her, while the love for Alexander grows with her doubts. What secret hides Susan? And, why Lady Clarissa is so resentful of this?

An amazing turn of events leads the characters to a fatal and inevitable fate.

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I am… a bit Cuaima, and… So what?

Be the faithful wife or girlfriend who teaches that her area is respected, in the same way that she respects the area of her husband or boyfriend, within the limits of cordiality, communication and fide

lity. That is learned and taught! How? With patience, tolerance and a lot of intelligence: that’s what I call a bird eating on the palm of your hand!

Be the star of your interpersonal relationships and at the same time, be humble in accepti

ng your defeats and triumphs. To take advantage of that learning and put it into practice for later effects, this is resilience.
In other countries, of course, it is not in his word the term: Cuaima, but men’s aptitude to women is universal and there are likely to be various ways of expressing their discontent when their wife behaves differently than he expects.

Today, women are synonymous with intelligence, perseverance, constancy, struggle, dynamism, love, freedom and if someone says: You are a cuaima! You must respond with pride: “I am Cuaima, so what?

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Wandering Souls

Having worked tirelessly with states of relaxation and stimulation to deep sleep, he has had the audacity to induce the subconscious of people to make a psychic journey in time.

For the author, a contact is established with the world of memories and with the memories of past existences; Being the experience as a real therapy of relief or purification.

In this sense, it will no longer be possible for us to feel anxieties, tribulations or confusions in the present; We will learn to know more, to discover our tastes and inclinations, and to firmly assume the course of our destiny.

As a result of this research, the author reflects this essay on experiences as they happened, outlining that death is not a trauma, but simply a process of initiation and transformation.

Each line of the work is a preparation of the subconscious that will help to understand with naturalness and wisdom this experience.

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Una Luz entre las Sombras

Todos ocultamos trozos de nosotros mismos, jirones de silencios necesarios, de mentiras embebidas de la impotencia que, a veces, produce la vida. Pero en ocasiones, estos claroscuros que creamos voluntariamente se tornan en situaciones intolerables, pues la verdad y la falsedad no pueden convivir armoniosamente.

Asheeka se esconde clandestinamente en la nave del capitán Dany-kar. Cuando la descubren dice ser una condesa, pero en el muelle buscan a una esclava muy valiosa huida de su dueño, que responde a sus características. Ella actúa como una aristócrata pero, por momentos, utiliza un lenguaje de taberna ¿Condesa o esclava? Por encima de todo, una mujer indefensa. Por esto él, aún a riesgo de perder su libertad y todo lo obtenido en años de trabajo, decide protegerla. Mientras viajan viviendo increíbles aventuras, incluida la búsqueda de un legendario tesoro, ambos quedan atrapados en la red de las cosas no dichas, lo que amenaza destruir el nacimiento de un gran amor. Entre las sombras, alguno que otro rayo de luz deja vislumbrar la verdad, pero al final, ésta es mucho más impactante de lo sospechado.

“Una luz entre las sombras” te llevará a un viaje hacia lo imposible, lo romántico y lo erótico. Sobre todo, a la vivencia de un amor extraordinario.

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