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The Little French eBooks

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The Little French eBooks




This book is about a girl named Kiara. She is new to Hyderabad city and she is working here. To get over her forlornness she joins Tinder app in hope of meeting her Prince Charming. This book underlines her various dates and encounters with different men. On each date she meets a new guy. She meets few men: Some are good, some are bad, some are hot, some are ugly, some are horny while some are innocent. It’s about the saying that before meeting your Prince you have to kiss many frogs in your way. Kiara has to face lot of emotional stress while dealing with not so good guys yet in the end she is triumphant. It is all about the turmoil faced by her. Her insecurities and loneliness is well highlighted in this book.

Through this book I want to convey about a girl’s wants and needs in the romance department. It brings into the light how a young lonely girl searches for her soulmate. The book also highlights the modern dating and how youngsters deal with the relationships. Its all about love, fear, insanity, lust, honesty, friendship and rejection. All the youngsters will be able to relate with my book.


Método Práctico Desarrollo Psíquico

Todos tenemos, facultades paranormales, en la mayoría de las personas están dormidas, aletargadas con los ejercicios adecuados, todas las facultades afloran, cada persona con diferentes aptitudes paranormales.

Junto con sus nuevos poderes vendrán nuevas responsabilidades de cómo usarlas en su beneficio y ayudar a los demás.

Está usted, a punto de emprender una de las aventuras que más puede transformar su vida, cada uno de los resultados que se alcanzará, modificará su concepción de sí mismo y del mundo que lo rodea.


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PHANTOMS of APOCALYPSE: A Dystopian novel

“Dr. Stein believes that the solution to the pandemic in late 22nd century America rests with his experiment of the first post-plague bio-engineered human. His goal and that of his partner Red carrying the bio-engineered baby is to escape the electronic-fenced city of New Heaven, Iowa. Along with their friend Sarah, they plan to reach their destination in northern Canada where the prototype virus-free baby will grow up, far away from the infected techno-society. Following rebel uprisings in the mid-22nd century, accidental biochemical warfare contamination across the country ushered in a new era and new order in society.

Under the cloud of the plague where the majority are infected, survival is a daily struggle behind electric-fenced cities. To feed the virus and maintain their health, the infected resort to physical and psychological violence and aggression. With any act or thought of love, passion or compassion, the condition of the infected population deteriorates. Free of virus symptoms, a minority of the population known as mutants are relegated to ghettos. Under the watchful eye of the police and widespread satellite and drone surveillance to control the population, the police-state has taken control of cities where rebels hide out in mutant ghettos waiting for the next uprising to topple the regime. In a world of humans with cybernetic organs operating with the aid of cybernetic devices engineered to withstand the polluted environment, Dr. Stein, Red, and Sarah dream of a world where they would be able to distinguish people living free from androids serving their infected masters.

Melody, Dr. Stein and Red’s bio-engineered child growing up in northern Canada’s wilderness, represents new hope for humanity, until she decides to return to New Heaven so she can be a part of the world from which her mother Red and her lab-creator father Dr. Stein escaped.”

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