Top 10 Reasons Why To Read Books

Today we pay attention to books not so often, if remember and compare with our childhood. Indeed, why do we need to read fiction if we could watch the feature film shot based on the known literary effort, or listen to audio book? All this information is free of charge and it is provided to everyone on wide open spaces of Internet today.
Besides, reading of the book takes us a lot of time. We need to postpone all affairs, to take in a hand a piece of literature and to study carefully sense of everything that is written in it, line after line, page after page. Yes, unfortunately, today reading gradually recedes into the background.
“And for what reason do modern people need reading of fiction? Well, why does he need to know about David Copperfield’s sufferings if during this time he could learn one new language?” Such opinion is not a rarity.
There is such expression: “People cease thinking when they stop reading”. And it is, certainly, the truth. Without reading people don’t expand their storage of knowledge and don’t train a brain as it would be necessary.
A book teaches “culture of mind”, forces to think more deeply, trains attention, fills memory and disciplines your mind.
A person, who isn’t accustomed to read, has a restricted small lexicon, and in a conversation he uses crutch words. And, while reading, the person becomes more competent, as he unconsciously remembers right writing of words and their use in the sentence.

pexels-photo-46274There are several reasons of why it is so important to read books:

1. Reading develops the speech of the person and increases his lexicon. Also reading books teaches people to formulate the thoughts and to
comprehend meaning of what was said by other people.
2. Thanks to reading the thinking develops. A book explains and shows life, and also helps to notice close connection of one phenomenon with another.
3. Reading broadens horizons. From books of people can learn about other countries and other ways of life, about the equipment, the nature and about everything that could interests you.
4. Also working with a book stimulates fancy, creative imagination and teach to think with help of images.
5. Books help to understand other people.
6. Books help the person to learn himself. In particular books on psychology do it. For self-respect it is extremely important to know that other people think, react and feel in the same way. And the best books on psychology will help you with it.
7. Books accustom to ethics, force to deliberate over good and evil, and also develop ability to fell empathy.
8. Reading books gives inspiration and gives tone. Books entertain and carry away. They force us to cry and to laugh. And also give a consolation and show a way out from a difficult situation.
9. Reading books is the most useful and available occupation for emotional, mental and intellectual development of the person.
10. Reading is a source of excellent sense of humor.
Thus, if the person doesn’t read anything except, for example, textbooks, then we should not expect that he will be educated and erudite. Even the certificate about secondary education or the diploma about the highest education won’t make him educated.
Book is an experience of just the same people as you. You aren’t the first person on the earth. Everything, which happens to you, already happened to someone else. If you want to learn how others got out of your problems or how others experienced your pleasures — read the book. You will see: books are always about you.
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