A woman has trouble sleeping, so she decides to search for the magic of fairy tales to nourish her mind with beautiful images that make her fall asleep again.

On this tour, she discover the most important lessons of the great masters of the major initiation schools of all times: As above, so below, as within so without.

This is the story of her encounter with all the secrets that has inside.DoDo

We are beings of: light, love and sound, earth, water, air and fire. We are a tiny universe integrated and interacting with the great universe.

In a world of duality where the opposite finds its contrary, she plunges into a new dimension where she is separated from the struggle of good against evil. She is carried away and flows to discover their inner wisdom and get conscious of all that it has. Stop looking outside because everything is within it, to be part of a wonderful, wise and infinite unity.

Everything is alive, everything is energy. She is part of the whole.

Each meeting gives her a lesson.

She will take you on a fantastic journey where everything vibrates with life and resonates with the love that holds the universe together.

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