Dr. Joan Savage

Dr. Joan Savage authored the contemporary fiction Red Fever.

She attempts to tackle the problem of paradoxes surrounding the deep question, ‘is there a reliable spiritual guide in the Universe that I can trust?’ and carries this search and these questions into her writing. She considers deeply that within humanity, “there is no absolute good and there is no absolute evil but we (un)intentionally embody the traits of both. The world is inherently good…and evil because we have the power to make it the way we want it. We are co-creators. We are superheroes. We are super-villains.”

In her novel, Red Fever, she attempts to work out the details of her own existential wandering and wondering. “I believe unconditionally that there can never be too much love; perhaps a faulty expression of it, but the Thing Itself is never enough in this dimension. Then again, this is just my imagined Universe.”

With a little bit of brave thinking, Dr. Savage is currently working on the sequel to Red Fever.