Mi Propio Yo

Un joven que desde muy niño dijo lo que quería ser, que a tan temprana edad conoce la fama, que de alguna u otra manera siempre estuvo muy cerca del poder, que no se creyó el cuento y que con sus principios y valores como su gran capital, ha transitado una vida plena, ejemplar, regocijado en el amor, agradecido y como el mismo dice, ha sido profeta en su tierra, con su sencillez y bonhomía nos regala este paseo enriquecedor y fascinante por todos los caminos de todos sus afectos.

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How Many Frogs Does It Take?

There you are… the old and modern woman. Are you a sweet old grannie who knits scarves and mittens for her grandkids? Or are you a modern granny who is either a marathon runner or a tennis player, and that is trying to find a new love? Love or causal hot sex? Do you want a knitting or a golf buddy? 

Understand your priorities before dating and know your goals and ethics. Whether you want to put up a lot of issues or not is entirely up to you, but remember you don’t want to end up with a vegan, nor a smoker, nor a drinker; or worse, neither a drug addict unless you abuse those substances yourself. In that case, have a blast! So may I recommend taking a JERK 0 METER when you date? I will give you some clues from my latest book How Many Frogs does it take? Some of the stories were experienced by my friends or myself.

No males or animals were harmed in this production.

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Mind at Large

Deivid is a young guy lost into, the fake pop tv studio stage set, so calle “American Reality”, who through psychedelic trips gets into different realities that belong to other levels.

All these experiences make him awaken spiritually, so that he can connect with the Universal Source. Available on: https://www.blurb.com/b/11471189-mind-at-large

Links on a Chain

A third generation Norwegian, Freddie with a gambling addiction and nostalgic for the sixties counterculture, inherits the low-budget motel on the city’s outskirts. As Freddie struggles with his own problems after leaving the motel maid pregnant, he is caught up in the lives of transients; a white supremacist, a black ex-con, a former mental patient and an unstable Vietnam veteran, among others.

Against the background of the moral majority movement of the 1980s, Freddie faces not only a moral dilemma, but an existential one.

The unraveling of his own life, and the lives of motel guests, force him to reexamines his own middle class values in a society that equates immorality with the marginalized souls like those staying at the Strassen Inn.

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Dreamy Town

This is a story about dreamers in today’s society. They take their dream seriously or it is like a wave that pushes them towards what they truly desire. The people who appeared in the middle of the path that they have chosen, whose struggles are like warning signs along the way, make them scare their dreams away or encourage these dreamers to carry on and to go where only a few have managed.

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Summer Coloring Book for Adults

Summer Coloring Book: For Adult 
Coloring book featuring fun and peaceful scenes, Peaceful Ocean Landscapes and Relaxing Summer. This book is perfect for daydreaming summer with each delightful illustration to color.

Coloring Book Details:
50 images designed to stimulate your mood and imagination.
Separately printed sheets to prevent bleed-through.
Suitable for markers, gel pens, colored pencils, fine-liners, and watercolors.

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