Bizarre Fables

True collaboration is often a strange business and in the case of the “Bizarre Fables” collaboration between wife & husband. The wife would draw and paint, while the plots developed organically. They shared our visions, day after day and night after night, while the owls hooted incessantly from nearby trees and barns.

The plots developed organically, naturally. From the wife came the idea of a gross man who would find himself pregnant, – the theme of “Bread for Toggle”. Also, from this came the idea of a powerful old woman whose soul was captured in a box that was then bound tight with briar. She actually dreamed this, and the husband, who actually wrote the fables, was so inspired by her dream. This, of course, was the origin of “Grandma’s Soul”. There were other strange happenings surrounding the genesis of these tales. The story called “The Blossom Maker” was written in two as if the writer was taking dictation from a spirit.

By the fact of looking at the blossom on the trees and the experience of being husband and wife during their first spring sprouted desires of stories which needed to be written. In fact, they were so inspired in those days, it is perhaps a valid question to ask why more tales were not created. We can suppose the only answer is that they came as if by magic, and magic must always have a beginning and an end. Its power is a blessing, but it is finite.