Modern Trends in the Literature

If not to oppose mass to elitism, we can say that the modern trends in the literature conveyed over two lines: classical and fashionable. It is possible to carry fashionable postmodernism, conceptualism, intellectual literature, magical realism, cyberpunk, fantasy, and numerous book series. This includes graphic novels (comic books), electronic epistolary genre, and new forms of folklore in the form of songs, jokes, sketches, linguistic experiments.
Literature at the present stage is subjected to serious structural changes. It is updated, adapting to the new pace of life, a new reader’s perception of reality. It is becoming more diverse. Before considering the modern fashion trends in the literature, let’s focus on the classical genres, and see how they adapt to the demands of the time.
It is interesting to observe how the modern literature of the 21st century continues to develop detective. It has become truly multifaceted. Writers are releasing lots of them, in order to satisfy the reader’s curiosity, and will continue to do so. Besides, detectives become historical, ironic, weird, intelligent. Take, for example, the works of Dan Brown. His detectives can even be called mysterious.
Further, modern literature develops such genres as fantasy and science fiction. However, they are reformatted now, as well as considered from different angles. Fantasy literature at the present stage cooperates with the computer game industry. Books are based on computer games, and vice versa, games are based on books. If to enumerate subgenres, we can distinguish: space opera, urban fantasy, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, steampunk, horror and Gothic novels.
Realism still remains popular. However, its sub branches are also becoming more and more popular: surrealism, critical realism, figurative realism, magical realism. Foundations laid by Borges, Cortázar and Marquez continue to develop the new generation of writers such as Elfriede Jelinek, Mario Vargos Llosa and others.
Let’s pay attention to autobiographical works, as they occupy a special niche in the contemporary literature. After all, in fact, few people read them, such books are never being bought for personal collections, and the artistic value of such literary works is small. The reason for this may lie in the fact that great and famous people, whose faces are smiling from the covers, for the most part, did not write the books themselves.
Literary anonymous is another interesting phenomenon of modern literature. Anonymous texts roam the Internet. Anonymous writers write scripts for films and TV series. Time after time, anonymous invent pseudonyms, which also care the core of faceless individuals. This all seamlessly brings us to postmodernism.
Signs of post-modernism in literature lie in primarily eschatological mood, re-evaluation of the aesthetic, mixing of styles, languages, cultures, ironic citation of the global art experience. Bright representatives are: Beigbeder, Umberto Eco. Although modern trends in literature already stepped over postmodernism and continue to go on, its influence is still very strong, especially in the intellectual environment.
At the present stage, literature experiences a huge chaos of books that are able to overpower even the Jorge Borges. Therefore, in order to have a reliable compass, modern literature of the 21st century offers a variety of directories, almanacs and ratings. Many good books can be found in shops, libraries or in Internet. Therefore, you can get any book and read it for your pleasure, or you can also write a book for your fun.
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