e-Books Are Key to Self-Publishing?

Rochester — CJ West likes to the bend the rules of self-publishing.

The 44-year-old, Rochester-based thriller writer recently released his sixth novel, “Addicted to Love,” and has since 2005 gained quite a following online. In fact, he says

that lesser-known authors have a better chance of making money with e-books, as opposed to print.

“E-books are huge for smaller authors right now,” West says. “I sell about 100 books online for every one in print. You’re just offsetting a huge amount of labor going into the actual printing of a book.”

“A lot of people are getting into self-publishing,” West says. “It’s definitely a competitive path, since there are so many authors out there. But e-readers are revolutionizing the book market in ways that book stores just can’t compare. It’s cheaper this way.”

Read the full article at http://sippican.villagesoup.com/business/story/rochester-author-says-e-books-are-key-to-self-publishing/195365?cid=51215


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