The Dis Unite States of America


Dis Unite States of America

If you think that you know what happen with the economic political chaos of the Century 21th, this new book of Julio Camino is certainly not for you. But if, on the contrary, you have doubts, questions and concerns, rather than elaborated opinions, or if you are not very sure about them, this book is for you. Especially if you want to learn about what is going on in the USA and some parts of the world: what is happening and why?

Generally, in the United States, upon hearing the word “secession”, most people think of Abraham Lincoln, the “deep South” and the Civil War. But there are currently other secessionist movements gaining strength in the U.S., and not only in the South, but in the entire territory, because the same “Big Government” federal emerged from the War of Secession, has gone out of control, causing many States huge frustration and discontent.

Along these pages you will find something that you need, even if you are not very conscious of what is missing: information, good information from not well-known but truthful and liable authors.


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